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English to Go


YOU are a busy person; you have a demanding job, a great family life and you know how to socialise.

english to go

Nevertheless you want to brush up your English and be fit for international communication - and here is where spirit in motion comes in:


improve and perfect your English while... 

  • you take a relaxing bath
  • you wait for the bus 
  • you walk your dog
  • you drive to work
  • you drive home from work
  • you go for a walk
  • you relax on your couch
  • you train your body
  • you sit in the sun
  • you .......................
you see, you can have a perfect command of english without missing out on other important aspects of you life!
take your chance and give it a try!
Our units are highly flexible and customised to your needs.
   Units from 4 - 40 min!  

 1 min = 1,50 €

informational interview (10min in english or german) for free!
phone: 0680 / 31 49 567
skype: spirit_in_motion





















JETZT kostenlos abonnieren für zusätzliche monatliche GLÜCKSMOMENTE! :D